AirSpeed Telecom in €90k broadband deal with Eurolink

17 Dec 2010

Nationwide wireless carrier AirSpeed Telecom has signed a two-year contract worth €90,000 with Eurolink M3 and M4 that will provide the public-private partnership with a 100Mbps link between the two toll locations.

The broadband link will be used to ensure the reliable and fast transfer of mission critical and bandwidth-intensive applications.

The speed and reliability of the links from AirSpeed Telecom will enable staff to work remotely between the sites, as well as manage information relevant to its subscriber database.

“This type of data connection is essential for our business. It is imperative that we have a reliable and efficient communication link in order for us to operate between two projects covering three locations,” David Schuller, operations manager of Eurolink, explained.

“We chose Airspeed Telecom’s wireless technology because it was a cost-effective alternative to a cable solution,” Schuller said.

Complex tolling system

The links will also allow the effective management of Eurolink’s monitoring co-ordinating system (MCS), a complex tolling system, as well as the efficient transfer of data relevant to the upkeep of the motorway.

In addition, Eurolink will use the additional bandwidth to view photographs and video footage from its 40 CCTV cameras in a more time-efficient manner. These cameras are deployed by Eurolink for security purposes and also to provide overviews of the lanes at the toll.

“Our 100Mbps licensed wireless link will add considerably to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of Eurolink’s entire operation, allowing Eurolink to develop additional services and efficiencies in the future,” said Liam O’Kelly, managing director, Airspeed Telecom.

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