Green Grid appoints Interxion director committee co-chair

29 Mar 2011

Green Grid has appointed Interxion’s director of corporate communications Ali Moinuddin co-chair of its European Communications Committee.

Moinuddin’s new role will involve creating awareness of advanced energy efficiency in data centres and the broader ecosystem of business computing amongst the pan-European community.

The Green Grid is a global consortium of IT companies and professionals seeking to improve energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems around the globe. The organisation seeks to unite global industry efforts to standardise on a common set of metrics, processes, methods and new technologies to further its common goals.

“The Green Grid is making great strides in delivering industry-standard data centre practices and metrics. With Ali’s expertise and Interxion’s strong position in the pan-European data centre market, I’m confident that we can contribute significantly to building awareness of The Green Grid consortium to increase the impact of its energy-efficiency leadership,” said Kevin Dean, chief marketing officer of Interxion, a leading European provider of carrier-neutral co-location data centre services.

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Call: 353-1- 4344900

The appointment is a direct result of Interxion’s long-standing relationship with the Green Grid and its commitment to helping the data centre industry implement and define best practices for energy efficiency.

“As a leading European provider of data centre services, we are fully committed to helping the industry implement and define best practices in achieving data centre efficiency,” said Moinuddin.

“It is an honour to be appointed by the Green Grid, and on behalf of Interxion, I look forward to supporting the industry and driving the adoption of a single, standardised common set of metrics and processes that enable enhanced measurement techniques, greater efficiencies and reduced environmental impact.”

In addition to its activities with the Green Grid, Interxion is also a founding member of the Uptime Institute’s European Chapter and a member of the European Commission’s DG Joint Research Committee on Sustainability and its European Data Centre Code of Conduct Metrics Group.