Recovery management and business continuity keep businesses step ahead

22 Dec 2010

Regardless of company size, your mission-critical IT systems cannot afford any downtime. You need to ensure the availability and recoverability of your files, email, databases and other business applications. To compete in today’s demanding environment, you must have a business continuity plan in place.

MJ Flood Technology in association with industry leader CA technologies provides companies of all sizes with on-demand Recovery Management and Business Continuity solutions as part of a turnkey managed service. Negating the need to purchase costly hardware or software, you can enjoy full confidence that your mission-critical business data can be quickly recovered with optional automatic failover for a predictable monthly fee.

Complementing traditional backup

Our managed service does not replace traditional back up but offers an additional layer of protection with robust disaster recovery and business continuity. Real Time Data Replication ensures swift data recovery in the event of system failure. Similarly, our high availability service provides automatic failover avoiding business disruption and ensuring operational continuity even in the event of a serious or prolonged system outage.

Affordable and scalable

Our service is subscription-based, with flexible monthly or quarterly billing options and full predictability on costs. Suitable for smaller organisations with limited resources or large enterprises with complex IT architecture, our managed service eliminates the need to purchase, install, oversee and support hardware, operation systems and application software. It not only helps to reduce the overall cost and complexity of data protection for your environment , it also provides improved operational efficiency and mitigates risk. Our managed service is based on open architecture and is designed to support a wide range of the most popular applications and platforms including Windows File Server, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint and IIS, Oracle and Blackberry Enterprise Server as well as other Windows, Linux and UNIX applications. All data is held and stored in Ireland.

Don’t let a system failure become a business failure …

Data-centre specification

Our data centre has been designed and built to meet industry best practices. With reliability, redundancy, resiliency and connectivity of vital importance, we can guarantee clients that their mission-critical infrastructure is housed in a secure and protected environment.


• 100pc availability service level agreement (SLA) covering power to our clients systems.

• Multiple redundant generators and fully redundant power feeds (A & B) to each client’s cabinet(s) with a delivery of 32 individual power outlets per cabinet which are totally metered.

• Each of these feeds is fed direct from totally independent Power Distribution Units (PDU’s), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (USP’s), Generators and Transformers.


• Comprehensive Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) system.

• The temperature level in the data centre is maintained between +/- 20ºC with humidity levels maintained within a 10pc range of the 50pc level

• Multiple redundant CCUs


• INEX, the Irish Neutral Internet Exchange passes through.

• Our data centres are diversely connected to the major fibre ring in Dublin (T50).

• Managed Internet Access service, which provides 100pc availability through a managed Multi-Carrier Network


• Biometric access control system

• Motion sensitive CCTV cameras using the latest IP technology

• Data centre 24 x 7 manned security


• All power and network cabling runs under a raised floor along different cable runs to avoid crosstalk interferences and similar problems.

• All network and power distribution panels, switches are only accessible by operations engineers and remain locked at all times.

Fire detection and suppression

• Very Early Smoke Detection Appliance (VESDA) detects smoke levels over 1ppm, broken down by zone.

• Fire suppression uses low-pressure inert gases, which do not harm people or equipment. In addition exhaust noses are built into ceilings and floors and have sufficient capacity to fill the room twice.

A choice of flexible managed service options

1. Recovery management – real-time replication

This service continually replicates your systems and data to our secure data centre facilities. In the event of a system failure, real time data can be manually recovered and restored without depending on data backups which may be hours out of date.

2. Business continuity – high availability with automatic failover

This service also continually replicates your systems and data to our secure data centre with the added advantage of automatic failover. In the event of system outage, the failover system seamlessly engages, ensuring continued access to business-critical applications and data.

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Benefits at a glance

• No Capital Expenditure Required

• Flexible and Predictable Monthly or Quarterly Billing Options

• Simplify and Automate Data Protection and Recovery Tasks

• Benefit from Disaster Recovery and High Availability

• Fully Scalable Solution Suitable for Small Business and Large Enterprise

• All Data Held and Stored in Ireland

• Easily Add Off site Data Protection

• Improve Business Continuity

• Reduce Business Risk and Meet Regulatory Compliance

• Gain Exclusive Access to CA

Platinum Partner Technical Support

Powered by CA technologies

Our Recovery Management and Business Continuity services are powered by CA technologies, a recognised industry leader and are based on proven technologies used in CA ARCserve™, CA ARCserve Replication™ and CA ARCserve High Availability™ software. CA ARCserve Recovery Management™ is used to protect applications and data on both physical and virtual servers across different platforms including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer.

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