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When you set the science aside, what is it actually like to work at a research centre?

23 Oct 2018

We spoke to some of the employees at the BD Research Centre Ireland (RCI) in Limerick about what working life is like at the firm.

BD’s Research Centre Ireland (RCI) in Limerick is an R&D facility home to multidisciplinary teams working across a variety of engineering and science disciplines. These include hardware, electrical and mechanical engineering, software, software testing, systems engineering, and systems validation.

It is one of the many global hubs in research and operations that BD has dotted around the world, as one might expect from a medtech company of such size and stature.

Beyond this impressive list of scientific facilities, though, what is it actually like to work in a place like BD RCI? To find out, we spoke to some of employees down there about their experience beyond the science.

“At BD, you have a voice no matter what level you’re working [at],” explained Shruti Mani, a software desk graduate at BD. “I joined as a graduate but I was never treated like one … my ideas were put [at] the forefront and they were taken into account while the planning for projects and everything was going on. It was quite encouraging for someone like me … it gives me confidence that I can put forward my ideas.”

Suzanne McDermott, a HR partner at the company, lauded the dynamic and varied atmosphere that is multicultural in every sense. “There’s a huge range of backgrounds of education and skills … we have a vibrant culture of people with different backgrounds that are willing to share. [This] creates a culture of learning, so we’re constantly learning from each other.”

The only trait that McDermott characterises as non-negotiable is being able to align yourself with the core ethos of the firm: a commitment to advancing patient health. Though cordoned inside the walls of a laboratory, the work that is done at BD has real-world effects that should never be underestimated. It may be difficult to conceive, but the products developed are ones that can substantially change the lives of immeasurable amounts of people. “At BD, we’re committed to advancing the world of health. A great BD employee is one that shares that commitment.”

To hear more about working at BD RCI in Limerick, check out the video above.

Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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