Business intelligence analyst from India follows family to Ireland
Chacko Joseph, business intelligence/ETL analyst, Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics

Business intelligence analyst from India follows family to Ireland

25 Mar 2014

With people from all over the world choosing Ireland as a place to live and work, we speak to those that have put down roots in the country, such as Chacko Joseph, a business intelligence analyst at the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics.

Where are you from?

I am from a town called Aluva, Kerala, in India. It is an industrial town and people there are involved in jobs in a variety of areas, including IT, business, agriculture, etc. The society is family-oriented.

How long have you been in Ireland?

I have been in Ireland since January 2008, so it is over six years now.

Why did you move here?

My wife has been working in Ireland since 2005. I decided to join her and look for career opportunities, as I always wanted to go abroad for good career opportunities.

What work do you do?

I am working as a business intelligence/ETL analyst at the Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics in Dublin. I look after various tasks related to BI/ETL and need to work with various teams to get the job done.

How would you describe your working environment?

It is excellent and challenging; one that gives you endless opportunities to grow professionally. My colleagues are highly professional, skilled and friendly. There’s a good management team, a good work environment and social events, etc.

What do you like most about your job?

I need to work closely with various teams to get the job done. This gives me lot of challenges and opportunities to learn. There is also freedom to get the job done in various possible ways.

Was it difficult to adjust to living and working in Ireland?

No, it wasn’t. I already had a lot of information about Ireland as my wife and elder sister were working here. People are very friendly and helpful here, and life is very comfortable – except the weather sometimes. You can get things done very easily and quickly.

What surprised you about moving to Ireland?

The need to pay and get a licence to watch TV.

How does your working life help to make you feel at home here?

My colleagues are from different locations across the globe, including people from India. You can learn about different people and cultures in this environment. I also have lot of friends here from my home country, and I take part in different cultural events and sports activities.

What do you like most about your adopted home?

The people – they are friendly and helpful. The social system and life also seems easy here.

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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