Loic, French telesales team member, PayPal
Loic, member of the PayPal French telesales team in Ireland

Innovation and a culture of empowerment drawing people to PayPal

24 May 2016

Loic, a member of PayPal’s French Telesales team, always had a passion for the fast-paced targeted environment that you get within a role in sales.

Moving to Ireland to pursue an international career, he joined a recruitment start-up, where he sourced talent for businesses across a variety of sectors. As chance would have it, while headhunting prospective candidates, Loic reached out to a telesales team leader within PayPal.

“After a few phone calls, he told me that he wasn’t interested in any of the positions we had to offer, but we built a good relationship and he asked if I’d be interested in joining his team,” said Loic.

Future Human

“Two years on, he is still my team leader. I love and appreciate the support and mentorship I received from that moment until now.”

Culture of support

Loic instantly took to the PayPal culture and, in particular, the connected, buzzing team environment within French Telesales.

“I love the environment and culture at PayPal. In particular, the teamwork element here is one of the first things I noticed. All of my success to date has come with hard work, but also as a result of having such a great team around me.

“I love the culture of empowerment. We have the freedom and support to be innovative, and this creates a great energy. We are all pushing each other to go further and to continue driving for success together.

“If you need extra resources or training to achieve your targets and professional goals, PayPal makes this happen. This allows you to be dynamic and helps you get to the next level in your career.”

Reaping the rewards

Throughout his two years at PayPal, Loic has made waves in his role, having made a considerable impact both within his team and also for PayPal customers, earning him an array of performance awards and bonuses.

“Over my two years to date with PayPal, I have received multiple recognition rewards for my work. It makes it all worthwhile when you get to stand in front of your colleagues and leadership and be recognised for your efforts.

“The money is great, as are the bonuses here, but working for and having a world leader in its field on your CV is priceless.”

The keys to success

Loic puts his success down to a few key factors: persistence, communication and passion.

“You must be eager for success and be self-driven and self-reliant. PayPal will give you the tools to achieve, but you need to bring your best self each and every day,” advised Loic.

When it comes to communication, Loic said: “a good salesperson must understand his customer’s needs. When mastered, this is the single most satisfying part of my job. Helping a customer make the right decision about a product you know will only be beneficial for their business is hugely rewarding”.

Being passionate makes that relationship with the customer even stronger. “If you genuinely believe in the product you are selling and trust that it will have a positive impact on your customers, then you will achieve your targets much easier,” said Loic.

“This only comes with the right company and the right product to sell.”

A version of this article was originally published on PayPal’s blog.

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