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Jean Noonan. Image: Kemp

How an internship can bring you from Galway to New York

17 Dec 2019

Jean Noonan of Kemp discusses her journey from studying global commerce at NUI Galway to completing an internship in New York.

Jean Noonan is living and working in New York City, where she joined the marketing team at Kemp Technologies as an intern. But she started out somewhere very different – studying global commerce and information systems at NUI Galway.

She spoke to us about her journey “moving to a new city and joining a new company all at once”, and how the team has helped her to integrate “very smoothly”.

‘Kemp has equipped me with a variety of skills during my internship, both personally and professionally. It has been a great start to my career’

What did you study in college?

I studied for a bachelor of global commerce, specialising in information systems in NUI Galway. During my degree, I studied abroad in Fairfield University in Connecticut.

I also worked as an intern in a variety of different industries, which brought me to the path to studying technology and led to me moving to New York to join Kemp.

What drew you to Kemp when you were seeking an internship?

I was first introduced to Kemp while looking for job opportunities in New York. I reached out to employees who had worked in the New York office on a J-1 graduate visa and they spoke highly of the work they did and the great working environment.

What expectations did you have before you began your internship?

I didn’t know what to expect. As I was moving to a new city and joining a new company all at once, I was excited to start in Kemp.

I previously worked in tech companies, but I never worked with load balancers so, initially, there was a learning curve. The marketing team welcomed me and I integrated into Kemp very smoothly.

What duties and responsibilities were you given initially?

When I first began my internship with Kemp in January, the marketing team was preparing for the company’s rebrand, which was very exciting to be a part of.

I work directly with the director of inbound on Kemp’s social media platforms, creating and posting content such as blogs and press releases.

Did the scope of your work change as the internship progressed?

Yes, the scope of work has changed a lot since I started. Over the past six months, I have taken on more projects and have been working with a variety of different teams across the organisation.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

A typical day includes coordinating and sharing content across social media platforms, monitoring and measuring our branded search and analytics, and working with different teams to organise content and upcoming events.

What key things have you learned during this internship?

Throughout my time at Kemp, I have learned how to work with a global marketing team, communicating effectively and efficiently, organisational skills and, ultimately, adjusting from college to working life.

Has this internship made you feel as though you’re on the right career path?

Yes, I have always had an interest in technology. The combination of studying information systems and marketing in university along with the exposure that I have gotten in Kemp has given me the opportunity to put it into practice, and confirmed that I have chosen the right career path.

Do you feel more prepared for working life following your internship? 

Yes, Kemp has equipped me with a variety of skills during my internship, both personally and professionally. It has been a great start to my career.

Why should someone take up an internship at Kemp?

Kemp is a global organisation leading the way in the technology industry. The work is engaging and challenging with a great working environment.

The teams are collaborative and diverse, and the culture that Kemp have created is brilliant, which gives employees a great work-life balance.

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