Cliona Moulton, Marketing Manager, LinkedIn
Marketing manager from Dublin moves home for work at LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing manager travelled the EMEA, but called home by Dublin

3 Dec 2015

Cliona Moulton is a marketing manager at LinkedIn, developing content for the social media site’s Talent Connect event. She spoke to for the new Homecoming series, and talked about coming home, how LinkedIn helped her make the move, and how Dublin has changed since she left.

Where are you from?

Cabinteely, in Dublin.

Can you tell us about your background? Education, work history…

I studied commerce at UCD for three years. After I completed my final exams, I landed a fantastic marketing internship at LinkedIn that kick-started my career.

At that time, there were only about 80 people based in the Dublin office. After seven months of doing a bit of everything in marketing, I became a professional traveller – I ran LinkedIn events across the EMEA. By 2012, I’d run 52 events in about 30 cities.

It was an amazing experience that led me to my next role, managing Talent Connect London, LinkedIn’s flagship recruiting event in EMEA.

When did you decide to emigrate and why?

Towards the end of 2012, my manager told me there was a role open in the UK and asked if I’d be interested in applying for it. I jumped at the opportunity because I’d never lived abroad and I’ve always loved London’s liveliness. I was fortunately offered the role and moved over in March 2013.

How long were you away for?

I was in the UK for about two-and-a-half years.

What made you want to/decide to come back?

As much as I love London, there’s no place like home. My lease was coming up for renewal in July 2015, so I started thinking about whether I wanted to stay longer or move home. Long story short, I decided to move back to Dublin to be closer to family and friends.

How did your current role come about?

I asked my manager if I could move back to Ireland while retaining my existing job, and she was 100pc supportive of my choice to get me back to Ireland. I now have the best of both worlds, where I can work in Dublin and spend some time in London.

What work do you do?

I’m a marketing manager. I market our LinkedIn Talent Solutions products to the UK market and develop all the content for Talent Connect.

What do you like most about your job?

Hands down, the people. Everyone at LinkedIn is incredible. I have made friends for life here and learned so much over the years from experienced leaders throughout the organisation.

How did this company make it easier for you to move back?

Transferring from one office to another can be a long process. Fortunately for me, my manager and LinkedIn made the process quick and easy for me. Plus, when I arrived at the Dublin office, the team there had decorated my desk with balloons and welcome signs, which instantly made me feel at home. It’s a vibrant office with over 900 people, as it’s the EMEA headquarters.

How did your time working abroad make you better suited for your job, if at all?

It made me more independent and helped me step outside my comfort zone. It also gave me the opportunity to spend time with leaders from other offices, and taught me how to manage virtual teams.

What is the best thing about being back in Ireland?

Being so close to my family! Plus, Dublin has changed considerably since I left, with new restaurants, activities and events taking place all over the city. And there are also various new start-ups and companies based in Dublin, which has given the city more of an entrepreneurial vibe.

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