Glenn Rainey, operations service delivery manager at Pramerica
Glenn Rainey, operations service delivery manager at Pramerica

Leaving Ireland for the experience, coming home for a career

10 Mar 2016

Glenn Rainey, operations service delivery manager at Pramerica, left Ireland to broaden his experience. He came back to develop his career and finish his education.

Where are you from?

Letterkenny, Co Donegal.

Can you tell us about your background?

My background is primarily in the call centre and back office operations.

After I completed my Leaving Certificate, I worked at Pramerica for a year before I took some time off to work and travel. But I knew Pramerica was a company I wanted to rejoin, and I did so in 2009.

I have had numerous opportunities for advancement at Pramerica. Initially, I began working as a customer service associate, then moved up to team lead, then to project coordinator, and now I’m an operations service delivery manager.

When I rejoined the company, I took advantage of their educational assistance program and have recently completed a BSc in computer services management.

When did you decide to emigrate and why?

My time abroad was company sponsored. In 2013, I was at a career crossroads and knew that I wanted to pursue a new challenge to help me gain more experience. A project management opportunity arose in New Jersey and I applied for it. I was very excited when I was offered the position.

Where did you emigrate to and for how long were you gone?

I spent 14 months in the United States.

Specifically, I was at Prudential – Pramerica’s parent company – in Newark for seven months. I then transferred to Texas, where I spent another seven months helping to launch Prudential’s new technology centre in El Paso.

What made you want to/decide to come back?

I had two primary objectives in my individual development plan. First, I wanted to gain more operational experience and, second, I wanted to continue my formal education.

I came back to Ireland in early 2015 to finish my BSc and I have recently completed my final exam.

How did your current role come about?

I knew I was returning to Ireland and wanted to stay as closely involved in the new El Paso organisation as possible. I spoke with the site executive and I was able to assume a position back in Ireland that directly ties to the El Paso operation.

What work do you do?

I am an operations service delivery manager. The role is diverse and it requires people management, operational management and strategic thinking.

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy the variety of responsibilities and skills required to do the job, and the people I work with.

How did the company make it easier for you to move back?

Moving back was easy.

Pramerica has a culture that makes it very easy to reintegrate and the people I work with are fantastic. When I was working for Prudential in the US, I was still very involved with Pramerica on a daily basis, so I was never far removed from the business during my time away.

How did your time working abroad make you better suited for your job, if at all?

I developed many skills while in the US and learned from the best in the business. Working at our parent company helped me better understand the company goals and how to apply those goals to my work.

What is the best thing about being back in Ireland?

There are many great things about returning home. Now I can get a good cup of tea, enjoy the Donegal scenery and lifestyle, and see my friends.

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