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Yan Qi and David Casserly. Image: PwC.

Want a graduate programme where you can have an impact from day one?

22 Aug 2019

Senior associate at PwC, David Casserly, talks us through his experiences with the company’s graduate programme.

Finishing up your degree? Now that it’s time to consider the next step in your career, you may be weighing up the idea of applying to a graduate programme.

Not sure where to apply or what to expect? David Casserly, a science graduate who went on to work in PwC, gives us some valuable insights into his experience of the company’s programme.

What did you study in college?

My undergraduate degree was a BA in biochemistry and immunology from Trinity College Dublin. I also did a diploma in statistics there, as well as my PhD in biochemistry.

With this programme, are you now working in your desired industry?

Yes, I’m a senior associate in the data analytics and assurance department in PwC.

What drew you to PwC when you were seeking work as a graduate?

The PwC graduate programme provides loads of opportunities to get exposure to several different industries. I knew that I could develop my career with PwC as they provide emphasis on cultivating individuals with strong leadership, business and technical skills.

What expectations did you have before you began the programme?

I was surprised by how friendly the work environment is. Everyone is willing to help when you’re unsure of something.

What duties and responsibilities were you given initially?

PwC puts huge emphasis on the importance of coaching. This means that staff are given exposure to all different types of work at a very early stage.

Did the scope of your work change as the programme progressed?

Along with getting more responsibility with the clients I work with, I also received technical training in a variety of data analytics tools. I got to attend a three-day course in Python and machine learning, which is important for me developing professionally in my role. I also got practical training around coaching and giving presentations.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

Many businesses have access to huge amounts of data but no idea how to make sense of it. I get to work with clients to help them understand their data better. We do this by building solutions to summarise and visualise data or by analysing data processes.

How do your responsibilities compare to more experienced employees’?

I’ve worked on many teams here and felt like I could make an impact from day one. Working in PwC is a highly collaborative environment and I have been given many opportunities to work as part of a team. You can take ownership of your work from the start.

Do you feel more prepared for working life after completing this programme?

Absolutely! The graduate programme has taught me to have confidence in my work and ideas but to also appreciate that I still have lots left to learn.

Why should someone apply to the graduate programme at this company?

The PwC graduate programme is a great way to start your career. You will learn loads and make great friends along the way.

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