Amanda Holden, senior technology consultant at PwC Image: Luke Maxwell
Amanda Holden, senior technology consultant at PwC. Image: Luke Maxwell

This is why you need to consider a career in consultancy

3 Jul 2018

The job market is undergoing such serious change that it can be difficult to know what areas you should be looking into. Have you considered consultancy?

Figuring out what career to go into can be a dizzying affair. For this generation of workers, priorities have shifted considerably – the importance of things such as company culture, dynamism and a supportive working environment has been thrown into sharp relief in recent years, and prospective jobseekers are in turn being more discerning on those fronts when figuring out where they want to work and in what area.

We spoke to some people at PwC who made a compelling case for the argument that a career in consultancy can fulfil all these modern demands and more.

Amanda Holden, a senior technology consultant at PwC, explained that consultancy is an ideal area for those who want to develop their career and achieve their potential quickly.

“Your day-to-day role is never the same. One project could last for three months, [another] could last six months. You have a different role in each project, you’re working across loads of different industries.”

People in consultancy come from a variety of backgrounds; some (such as Holden) entering the field from industry, and some cutting their teeth in consulting and finding that their career blossoms and grows from there. In Holden’s experience, all have added a unique point of view that has really deepened her development. “You learn from absolutely everyone you’re involved with.”

Robert Byrne, director at PwC technology consulting, added: “We’re really fortunate that clients from pretty much every sector in Ireland approach us and ask us to work with them solving really complex business problems.

“Us being asked, as a technology function, to support delivery of much bigger business solutions is a real privilege. We can bring a large or a small technology solution to bear on an overall business solution.”

Having the opportunity to do this kind of complex, interesting work with a variety of clients “gets me out of bed in the morning”, Byrne added.

For some more information on why consultancy should be a career area you consider seriously, and why consultancy at PwC in particular warrants your attention, check out our interview above in full.

Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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