User operations officer from London trades ancient history for Dropbox
Chris Noon, user operations, Dropbox

User operations officer from London trades ancient history for Dropbox

12 Nov 2013

With people from all over the world choosing Ireland as a place to live and work, we speak to those that have put down roots in the country. This time, we talk to Chris Noon who works in user operations at Dropbox.

Where are you from?

London. The streets may not be paved with gold, but it’s still pretty good.

How long have you been in Ireland?

Just over three weeks.

Why did you move here?

I was looking for a change in career direction. I was a lecturer in ancient history at the University of Oxford but decided, perhaps unusually, that I wanted to get into technology instead. Dublin is very much the place to go for tech in Europe, and I was very pleased to learn that Dropbox had just opened an office there. Getting the job made up my mind to move!

What work do you do?

I’m in user operations, so I work with our business customers to understand how they use Dropbox, and to help them make better use of its features.

How would you describe your working environment?

Quite unlike the working environment in my previous job! It’s a great place to work because you’re surrounded by brilliant and interesting people from whom you can never stop learning. Everyone works extremely hard, but somehow always manages to make time for everyone else. We have quite a bit of fun, too.

What do you like most about your job?

The fact that the Dublin office is so small and so young. We’re all in a position to make real contributions to its development and future ‘shape’, and to Dropbox’s position in Europe as a whole.

Was it difficult to adjust to living and working in Ireland?

Not really, apart from having to switch over to euros!

What surprised you about moving to Ireland?

That a ‘hot press’ is not an instrument used to get creases out of your trousers.

How does your working life help to make you feel at home here?

The Dropbox office team is really good at organising team events (dinners, trips, etc) in a variety of different places, not just in central Dublin. This means that even the less adventurous get to see more of the country, and to learn more about Ireland as a whole.

What do you like most about your adopted home?

The free bicycle the Government gives us. Thanks very much!

Elaine Burke
By Elaine Burke

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