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18 May 2015

Image of GTA V via Rockstar Games

Despite being launched back in 2013, GTA V is experiencing something of a revival in recent weeks with its long-awaited launch on PC.

With the release of GTA V on PC has come a number of bizarre mods turning the world of San Andreas on its head with whales driving cars and other oddities. There is even one that  lets you recreate Hollywood disaster films by forcing a tsunami on this fictional Los Angeles.

For those who might not have access to such modding skills, however, the game still offers plenty of other weirdness that just defies common sense, particularly when it comes to how the cops treat you if you even look at them the wrong way (no social commentary here).

So for those GTA fans, here are some examples that will definitely ring true.

1. You can do no wrong with the opposite sex

Dating in GTA IV

2. Like buses, rare GTA cars come in packs

Rare GTA cars

Image via Imgur

3. Getting a new paint job enters you into an alternate dimension

GTA paint job

4. Regardless of whether you are real or not, you can meet in GTA

Stalin GTA

Image via MemeCDN

5. Safe driving in GTA is as real as the Loch Ness Monster

Safe driving GTA

Image via Humoursharing

6. GTA hospitals have access to the world’s best doctors

GTA hospitals

7. Cops are rather defensive of their own

GTA police

8. Vegetation is stronger than reinforced concrete

Vegetation in GTA

Image via KnowYourMeme

9. Open carry laws are rather lenient in GTA land

GTA open carry

10. God is a rich person throwing their money around for sick stunts

GTA sick stunts

Image via Know Your Meme

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic