19 Kinect games unveiled

19 Oct 2010

Microsoft has revealed the Kinect lineup, offering 19 games for the motion-gaming sensor on the Xbox 360 from its launch, including piles of dancing games, fitness games, sports games and party games.

Kinect Adventures allows the players to jump, dodge and kick their way through adventures set in exotic locations. It will be available with every Kinect sensor and Kinect bundle sold from 10 November.

Kinectimals lets animal lovers raise exotic creatures through the motion-controlling sensor. Animals will react to your voice, respond to commands such as “jump” and “roll over” and will let you scratch them behind their ears. It’s available from 10 November. A limited collector’s edition will include a plush toy which can be scanned into the game to unlock a new cub.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 The Videogame lets gamers relive the first part of the final book and the upcoming film, as they play as the young wizard, fighting for survival on a dangerous quest to destroy Voldemort’s Horcruxes. The game offers 22 exclusive Kinect challenges and is out 19 November.

Game Party: In Motion lets players use motion-based gaming with 16 games, ranging from sports such as Hoop Shoot and Darts to arcade and party games, such as Rootbeer Tapper and Table Hockey. It will be out from 26 November.

Dance Central comes from the creators of Rock Band, giving players the opportunity to take part in a body tracking dance video game. It features more than 90 dance routines and 650 moves, the game promises to provide authentic choreography for beginners and experts to master through a soundtrack of pop, hip-hop and R&B. It will be out 10 November.

Fitness titles

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved gives Kinect owners access to this fitness technology. The feedback system detects when a user’s body is out of alignment and coaches them to correct their form. Users can also challenge friends and share progress. It will be out 11 November.

The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout is based on the reality show of the same name and allows users to complete a fitness program using the interactive motion-control sensors. It offers a body analyser, recipes, personalised tips and a video diary. It will be available 10 November.

EA SPORTS Active 2 includes Total Body Tracking which combines motion tracking from the Kinect and heart rate data from the included wireless heart-rate monitor. Users can track and share their workout data online through automatic uploading from online connected Xbox 360 consoles to their EA SPORTS Active profile. It will be out from 19 November.

Zumba Fitness provides a dance fitness workout set to Latin and international music. Zumba instructors include Gina Grant, Tanya Beardsley and its creator Beto will guide users through 30 routines. It will be out 26 November.

Get Fit with Mel B will let users workout with ex-Spice Girl Mel B. It features 199 exercises and a nutritional program with 140 recipes tailored for each user. It will be out 25 November.

DanceEvolution uses Kinect to let gamers dance in their living rooms. Players can choose from several different modes and dance freely through the game. Players can also challenge up to four friends online.

Dance Paradise lets players dance to a 40-song playlist, including hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B and dance. It will be out 10 November.

Sports titles

Kinect Sports lets you play a range of sports, such as soccer, beach volleyball, boxing and bowling, through its handsfree motion controls. It has a team vs team mode, letting players team up against each other in a sports tournament. It will be released 10 November.

MotionSports also provides motion-based sports gaming, featuring live in-game commentary to follow your successes or failures. It will be out 10 November.

Sports Island Freedom features 10 new sporting events designed for the system. Games include paint ball, tennis, boxing, snowboard cross and figure skating. It will be out from 25 November.

Kinect Joy Ride offers the first controller-free racing game. It combines kart racing with full-body gaming. Players can play solo or compete with up to eight players over Xbox LIVE. It will be out 10 November.

Fighters Uncaged has the player take the role of Simon, who has been forced into a secret fighting tournament and must face off against combatants who will use a range of martial arts to take him down. It will be available 10 November.

Sonic Free Riders lets the user take control of Sonic and his friends as they compete in board racing. Players can use the body control system to twist and turn their way through a range of courses. It will be out 10 November.

Crossboard 7 offers high-speed Crossboard racing through the motion-control system. Players can play solo or can take on a friend with two-player mode. It has seven game modes and seven worlds to race through. It will be out 10 November.