4chan founder and Rovio CEO speaking at Dublin Web Summit

20 Sep 2011

Christopher Poole, 4chan and Canv.as founder

Christopher Poole, the founder of 4chan and Canv.as and Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio, which created Angry Birds, will speak at the upcoming Dublin Web Summit.

Poole is best known for founding the infamous imageboard 4chan, known for the creation of numerous internet memes and its notorious /b/ board. The hacktivist collective Anonymous also originated from 4chan.

Poole’s recently created Canv.as is a more worksafe site allowing users to share and manipulate pictures with image-editing software built into it.

Mikael Hed will join him at the summit. Hed is the CEO of Rovio, best known for creating mobile gaming hit Angry Birds.

The enormous success of Angry Birds, through downloads and merchandising, could value Rovio at US$1.2bn.

Both Poole and Hed will speak at the Dublin Web Summit, taking place 27-28 October.