62pc rise in health and fitness app usage, says Flurry

20 Jun 2014

In what would appear to be encouraging news for tech companies producing smartwatches, the demand for and usage of health and fitness apps has increased by 62pc in the space of just six months.

In comparison, the total usage of iOS apps in the same time period grew by only 33pc and is showing an incredible growth in the app industry to the tune of 87pc, according to Flurry.

With Apple expected to introduce its first smartwatch into the market at the end of this year, it has perhaps picked the best time to enter a market that is rapidly picking up pace, however, many of the apps available on the iPhone are just as useful on the handset as on another device.

To put things in perspective, the exact same study for last year found that while the overall app industry was booming at a growth rate of 115pc in 2013, health and fitness apps were only shown to have a growth rate of 49pc in the same year.

In terms of the gender breakdown of those sampled using health and fitness apps on iOS, the significant majority of regular fitness app users are women at 62pc, compared with 38pc of men, which makes for interesting results given that in the overall picture, the breakdown of male: female app users is 52:48.

Age-wise, the biggest user of fitness apps fell into the 35-54 age group at 47pc, followed by 25-34-year-olds at 41pc.

Jogger with tech image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic