Angry Birds heading to the 3DS

7 Feb 2011

Rovio has confirmed it will be bringing Angry Birds to the Nintendo Wii and 3DS later in the year.

Responding to a user on Twitter, the company confirmed it will bring its phenomenally successful mobile game to both Nintendo’s home console and its upcoming 3D portable console later this year.

Later, in an exchange with 3DS Focus, it said it would bring all three Angry Birds titles – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and the upcoming Angry Birds Rio – to the console.

The games would be accessible through digital downloads as, according to Rovio, they “prefer downloads and digital distribution on all platforms” because “it’s green like the pigs,” referring to the arch enemies of the angry birds in the game.

Rovio will release a Valentine’s Day version of the game this month and will then launch Angry Birds Rio, a tie-in with 20th Century Fox’s new film Rio.