Angry Brides spoofs Angry Birds on dowry demands

16 Jan 2012

The Angry Brides page on Facebook

A matrimonial website has developed a video game that takes off on the hit game Angry Birds to protest the practice of demanding dowries.

“The Angry Brides game is our way of throwing a spotlight on the nuisance of dowry,” Reuters reported Ram Bhamidi as saying. He is the senior vice-president and head of online marketing for, a matrimonial website with 2m members.

Dowries, which can include cars, cash and clothes, are traditionally given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family and his parents to ensure the bride is looked after in her marriage. Even though the custom was outlawed more than half a century ago, it is still in practice, and in some cases, turns violent when the groom’s family demands even more money after the couple have wed, Reuters reported.

According to 2007 National Crime Records Bureau statistics, there is a dowry-related death every four hours in India,‘s Angry Brides Facebook page states.

“We condemn this menace and have consistently run campaigns on social media to help create awareness of the issue,” Bhamidi said.

Angry Brides includes the message, “A woman will give you strength, care and all the love you need … NOT dowry!”

Players have to try and hit three grooms with various weapons, such as a stiletto, frying pan, broomstick and tomato.

Each groom has a price tag, beginning at 1.5m rupees ($29,165). Every time the player hits a groom, his value decreases and money is added to the player’s anti-dowry fund, which the player can post on his or her Facebook page.

Bhamidi said more than 270,000 people have liked the app since its launch last week.

“Both men and women seem to be playing it,” said Bhamidi.