Apple to drop Google Maps from next iPhone, to reveal new ‘3D mode’

11 May 2012

Apple’s growing enmity with Google will extend to the sixth generation of the iPhone due out in September and the first casualty will be Google Maps. Apple reportedly plans to replace this with its own mapping service that will include 3D capabilities.

Since 2009, Apple has been developing its mapping infrastructure. In the same year, it bought a company called Placebase. In 2010, it bought Poly9 and in October it acquired Swedish mapping firm C3, whose software and camera technology renders 2D photos into high quality and detailed 3D images.

According to reports on 9to5mac, iOS 6 will see Apple drop Google Maps and replace it with an in-house map app that is apparently cleaner, faster and more reliable.

Instead of Google Street View, Apple will provide 3D visuals of a given area by clicking on ‘3D mode’.

iOS 6 is expected to be launched at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference next month.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years