Apple will not be impressed by the latest easter egg discovered in Google Maps

24 Apr 2015

Latest easter egg found in Google Maps won't impress Apple

A new easter egg discovered hidden within Google Maps won’t improve the enmity that exists between Apple and Google over their respective iOS and Android operating systems.

Google Maps is full of easter eggs, and earlier this month the company revealed an exciting easter egg that turns city streets into elaborate Pac-man games.

However, this latest easter egg is pretty low on the innovation scale but high on the exasperation scale if you are Apple.

Hidden within Google Maps is a drawing of Google’s Android logo urinating on the Apple logo.

The easter egg can be discovered by going to the outskirts of the Pakistani town of Rawalpindi.

If you switch off satellite imagery the offending cartoon is clearly visible.

UPDATE: we have gone back to Google Maps and the easter egg has mysteriously disappeared.

Now you see it

google egg

Now you don’t

Cleaned up Google Maps easter egg in India

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years