Apps to help Mo Bros manage their Movember moustaches

1 Nov 2012

Today marks the start of Movember, the month in which men in Ireland and around the globe start to sprout moustaches to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, and now two apps aim to help Mo Bros on their Movember journeys.

Here we feature two Movember apps, Movember Mobile and TacheLapse.

Movember Mobile

Movember Mobile is available free for both iOS and Android, and basically allows the Mo Bro to track his campaign. He can recruit friends, request donations, track funds raised from personal, team and global donations, and view rules, health cards and even a style guide.

Mobile Movember also provides a Mo Tracker the Mo Bro can use to keep an eye on his moustache’s progress, and he can post photos and status updates from the app to social networks.

Movember Mobile

Movember Mobile screenshots


TacheLapse, which at the moment is an iOS app only, is also available for free. The idea of the app is for Mo Bros to use it to snap a photo of their moustache every day. Those photos then go into a gallery and at the end of the month, the photos are assembled into a 30-second, time-lapse video that depicts the growth of the moustache over the course of the month.

Mo Bros can share their photos and videos from TacheLapse on Facebook and Twitter, and they can also recruit friends through the app to join the Movember campaign.


TacheLapse screenshots

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic