Chanel Summers’ talk on audio in gaming streaming live from the Digital Hub today

5 Dec 2012

Following a seminar last night hosted by Games Music Ireland and IMRO, Chanel Summers will be speaking in the Digital Hub, Dublin, today about the importance of audio in gaming.

Summers is both the co-founder and executive producer of Seattle-based audio production company Syndicate 17, which specialises in writing and producing original scores, cues, and sound effects for film, TV and video games.

An authority on the use of audio in modern game design and production, Summers will discuss what makes for great audio in gaming and will examine the various audio technologies that enable game creators to process, mix and control sound for aesthetic effect, as well as new technologies in the pipeline.

The talk, held in association with Games Music Ireland, will be streaming live from Liveoneveryscreen from 11.30am today.

Gamer image via Shutterstock

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic