Cookie Monster goes viral with ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody (video)

11 Jul 2012

Just when we all thought we’d just about had our fill of Carly Rae Jepsen parodies, the lovable old Cookie Monster nails it – but let this be the end of it now, please?

Not that there’s anything wrong with Cookie Monster’s old ditty, “C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me,” but Sesame Street hasn’t endured for decades without catching on to a few growing trends, and the Canadian singer-songwriter’s hit pop song Call Me Maybe is the latest to get a fluffy monster-style twist.

Jepsen’s (irritatingly) catchy tune first shot off to internet stardom when a video tribute from Justin Bieber and friends went up on YouTube. Since then, the song has spawned countless more videos, parodies and memes – even US President Barack Obama wasn’t safe.

The big blue fellah’s ode to his favourite snack has more than 1.3m views on YouTube so far, as he sings “Me going off me rocker, please feed me Betty Crocker!”


Really, though, let’s hope this is it for ‘Call Me Maybe’ parodies, as even Batman has had enough.

Batman has had enough

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