Cork Airport app allows live tracking of flights in world first

7 Jan 2015

Those who are anxious about missing their flights or how their loved ones are doing may not need to fear anymore now that Cork Airport shows live flight positioning through its app.

The feature will allow passengers and anyone with the app track a plane’s progress to-and-from the airport live using GPS information being sent from the plane.

Websites including have become increasingly popular in recent years allowing the public to get the opportunity to see how crowded our skies actually are and now Cork Airport have added a similar service for their passengers which can be filtered for arrivals or departures.

The flight tracking software will show the aircraft’s route, speed, type of aircraft, altitude, distance travelled and total distance to destination.

Likewise, passengers who have fears over whether they are going to miss their flight or not can rest that bit easier by tracking the plane as it makes its landing at the airport.

The service is something of a milestone for commercial aviation as it marks being the first airport in the world to offer the service to its passengers.

Speaking of the achievement, Kevin Cullinane, head of communications, Cork Airport said, “Last year we became the first airport in Ireland to make Google Indoor maps available for all public areas of Cork Airport and in 2015 we will continue to innovate and introduce new initiatives to maintain the world-class customer experience for which we are known.”

Flight radar image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic