Cork tech firm in major deal to launch digital TV in Russia

8 Sep 2010

Cork-based IPTV technology firm has struck a deal with Personal Media Technology (PMT) to deliver terrestrial TV channels across Russia. The terrestrial TV offerings will complement PMT’s OViVO personalised TV service.

OViVO is a new personalised digital TV platform that organises the user’s TV viewing for them. The system analyses viewing choices, learns what a viewer likes and assembles playlists. The more the viewer watches TV, the better its recommendations.

The platform also enables advertisers to deliver personalised ads to their target-audience.

Video content will be delivered to customers over an intelligent, customer-aware content delivery IP network and stored within in-home set-top boxes. Using a TV-based user interface, customers can browse, select and play stored video content or launch applications.

Viewing habits

The solution includes a fully integrated video recommendation engine which enables OViVO to generate customised playlists for each end user based on their viewing habits and demographics.

The new terrestrial TV service will extend the viewing choices to the customer by providing linear TV channels and services to compliment the personalised service.

Digisoft’s DigiHost Service Delivery Platform was previously selected by PMT for the delivery of PMT’s Next Generation Personalised TV Services across the Russian market and the company was appointed programme manager, managing an ecosystem of industry-leading vendors to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

“PMT has very ambitious plans to change the way Russians view television,” said Tatyana Prokhorova, chief executive officer, Personal Media Technologies.

“With the addition of terrestrial TV channels, customers can choose to watch regular TV or order lots of recommended movies and shows from the OViVO’s library on his own, or opt to sing karaoke, play games, (or choose from) a host of other services.”

Digisoft has been striking TV deals across the world, including in Asia, Europe and the US.

Digisoft’s DigiHost Service Delivery platform combines a state-of-the-art Hybrid DVB/IP EPG in high definition (HD) with advanced PVR functionality, as well as a host of applications, including the world’s first interactive educational TV application.

Features include: advanced Hybrid DVB/IP EPG seamlessly combining DVB and IP services into the bouquet; time-shifted TV; a personalised video on demand (VoD) system; advanced revenue-generating applications, including the eRental Movie Download Platform and the world’s first interactive educational TV application.

“The use of targeted advertising and recommendation engines will make this service very compelling to advertisers,” said Tom Higgins, executive chairman,

“The addition of terrestrial TV to the OViVO service along with the detailed demographic data, viewing habits and preferences, will enable advertisers to target viewers more accurately and effectively,” he added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years