Cutting the wire is essential for future music listening, says Sol Republic

11 Nov 2014

Kevin Lee, CEO and co-founder of Sol Republic

The basic concept of how we listen to music on the go has changed little in more than 30 years but now companies are beginning to ask whether it’s time we ‘cut the cord’ with headphones.

One of the speakers at the music section of this year’s Web Summit in Dublin was Sol Republic’s CEO and co-founder Kevin Lee. He has been quite vocal during his time as head of one of the major up-and-coming music hardware companies, saying the way we listen to music remains outdated.

Having previously worked in Beats Audio, now a part of Apple following this year’s purchase, Lee has said its focus is on “cutting the cord” that connects our headphones to whatever device we are listening to music on as it doesn’t make sense to still have this in the modern age.

Despite this, Lee thinks that while the technology is changing, the way in which we listen to music on the go will still be with our ears.

He spoke to after his on-stage talk with Eric Wahlforss of audio distribution platform SoundCloud and Alex White of online music analytics provider Next Big Sound.

“The future of music is through wireless speakers,” Lee said. “So we have our new Punk, which is super small but has the same sound quality as a US$200 speaker.”

The Web Summit 2014: Interview with Kevin Lee of Sol Republic

The Web Summit 2014: Interview with Kevin Lee of Sol Republic

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic