Dear Santa, almost half of US kids want an iPad for Christmas – Nielsen

21 Nov 2012120 Views

The fourth-generation Apple iPad

If kids in the US get their Christmas wishes, Santa’s sleigh could be weighed down with tech gifts this year – predominantly those sporting the Apple brand, according to a Nielsen study.

The most-wanted tech gift among kids ages six to 12 in the US is an iPad, with 48pc hoping to see one underneath the tree with their name on it. Next in demand is the Nintendo Wii U with 39pc, and the iPod touch and iPad mini level at 36pc.

While iPhones, computers, smart TVs and e-readers all featured on the list, good old games consoles are still popular with the young folk, with Kinect and Xbox 360, Nintendo’s DS range and Sony’s PlayStation devices dotted throughout.

While Nielsen notes that the iPad’s popularity among kids around the holiday season is a continuing trend, the demand coming from the young ’uns could easily be driven by Apple’s ramped-up advertising and product launches towards the end of the year. It’s no secret that Apple is a marketing mastermind, and kids can be easily won over.

Chart via Nielsen Wire

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Chart via Nielsen Wire

Looking at what US consumers over the age of 13 want still puts the iPad at the top, but not by such a large margin. In fact, demand for the iPad among this group has declined from 24pc last year to 21pc this year, and is closely followed by a computer (any make or model) at 19pc, and any tablet other than an iPad at 18pc.

Chart via Nielsen Wire

Chart via Nielsen Wire

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic