‘Delfie’ – dog selfies – campaign to raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs

3 Apr 2014

Facebook and Twitter users, be prepared for your feeds to be populated with ‘delfies’, dog selfies to help raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs.

Here’s how it works: Dog owners just take a picture of their pooch and text it and ‘WOOF’ to 57500. Charges of €2.50 per text plus a standard rate will apply. After VAT and operator fees are deducted, €1.90 will go to Irish Guide Dogs.

“Many people are posting ‘delfies’ on social media, along with a screenshot of their donation, to get the word out,” Irish Guide Dogs said. “It’s a simple way to donate and makes all the difference to our services.”

Irish Guide Dogs provides services for the visually impaired and for children with autism. However, a lack of funding has led the organisation to close its assistance dog programme for the children for a second time.

The demand for assistance dogs has been huge, with a two-to-three-year waiting list, Irish Guide Dogs said.

The ‘delfie’ campaign comes on the heels of the similar ‘selfie’ campaign for the Irish Cancer Society, where women took photos of themselves without makeup and raised more than €1m for the charity.

Dog image via Shutterstock

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic