Developer’s ploy works, flies to LA to meet billionaire Alki David (video)

11 Apr 2012

Enterprising entrepreneur and videographer Allan Dixon, who is heading to LA to meet his hero Alki David

Sometimes the most incredible things do happen. A Dublin web developer’s viral video aimed at getting the attention of billionaire Alki David has borne fruit and the young entrepreneur has flown out to LA to meet David.

Last month, we reported how Dublin web developer and entrepreneur Allan Dixon shot a video expressing how he really wanted to come and work for Alki David, the billionaire owner of

He entered a blow-up doll dressed as an entrant into Alki David’s wife’s competition for the Internet’s Next Top Model and sent it by FedEx to David.

Dixon, a skateboarding fanatic who works with, is an avid admirer of David, a digital media entrepreneur who owns, and

David’s company is embroiled in a legal dispute with CBS and Viacom over the unlicensed use of broadcasting signals.

In the second part of the video series, David confirms he received the package from the “gallant young gentleman from Dublin” but says it is not the first time he has received a blow-up doll in the post.

Dixon then goes on to pitch a new website idea he has and challenges David to see how many times he planted the FilmOn logo around Dublin during the recent St Patrick’s Day festivities, including an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

When we last spoke to Dixon on Twitter, he said: “I’m flying off to LA to meetup with him now. should be an interesting meetup.”

See part 2 of Dixon’s video series with Alki David:


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years