Discovery launches TestTube, a web-only channel of non-fiction fun (video)

28 May 2013

A year after its acquisition of Revision3, Discovery Communications is making the most of its investment with the launch of TestTube, a new web-based channel featuring 15 short-form series.

TestTube is produced in partnership with Revision3, the web video start-up that was snapped up by Discovery Communications in May last year. Since then, its audience has grown more than 175pc and video streams have more than tripled.

There are 15 short-form web series on the network at launch, with more said to be in development. There will be daily posts from DNews and weekly instalments from Thanks, Disaster and Pick Your Poison, looking at the silver lining of tragic events and the human body under the influence of different toxins, respectively.

Other video content from TestTube includes slow-motion action from Distort, lessons from award-winning magician Brian Brushwood in Scam School, and reasons why Nature Hates You.


As well as calling on some familiar online personalities, Discovery has also enlisted the help of some of its broadcast TV stars, such as Mythbusters co-host Tory Belleci who will host Blow It Up.

TestTube programming can be viewed on and through Revision3’s mobile site and apps. It will also be available on YouTube, Xbox, iTunes, Roku and other distribution partners.

The web-only channel is part of Discovery’s drive to be the No 1 non-fiction media company on all screens. “We’ve doubled our original online video output this year and are growing new audiences with TestTube and other digital networks that are creating great content that entertains and engages,” said chief digital officer JB Perrette.

Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.