Dogs Trust launches dog emoji keyboard

26 Aug 2015

Dogs Trust has gotten in on the emoji craze, bringing out a dog emoji keyboard to help draw attention to its animals in need of rehoming.

The organisation has partnered with Swyft Media to bring out the range of the 23 most popular breeds of dog in the UK.

Swyft Media might ring a bell, it’s the organisation that brought out the ginger emoji keyboard a while back, proving they are the go-to-guys for oddly niche emoji gripes.

Some of the dogs included are standard, popular breeds like labradors, german shepherds and rottweilers, with some contemporarily popular variants like pugs, huskies and shar pei, too.

This comes on the back of fresh news about the consideration of next year’s universally-accepted emoji, with dozens up for consideration. Notably, to Dogs Trust at least, this again doesn’t include enough dogs.

“We see so many wonderfully different [dogs] every day, we wanted to share this with the public,” said Adrian Burder, CEO of the organisation.

Dog Emoji

Just some of the 23 breeds included, via Dogs Trust

Now you will note that the dog breeds listed are a UK collation, we should note too that this app doesn’t appear to be available in Ireland at the moment – it’s available in the UK, for free, on both iOS and Android.

This is odd, in that, according to Dogs Trust UK, “each character on the keyboard has been based on a real-life dog searching for their pawfect match at one of 20 Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres in the UK and Ireland”.

We’ve contacted Dogs Trust in Ireland for a comment but they have yet to get back to us.


A note, the ginger keyboard wasn’t emoji exactly, it was more like the stickers that you see in Viber. This appears to be the same here, with some early reviews bemoaning this fact, as well as one, brilliantly, criticising the images for not having varied emotions.

What an amazing idea, an image of a pug looking anything other than gormless.

*Updated at 13.20, August 26*

Dogs Trust Ireland are aware of the app issue, claiming it’s a technical hiccup and it will be available in Ireland once that is fixed.

“Unfortunately we do have a temporary technical issue that we are looking into. The app was designed with Ireland in mind,” says Kathrina Buckley of Dogs Trust Ireland.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic