New Donkey Kong world record the ‘perfect score’

10 May 2016

There are people still playing Donkey Kong, the original 1981 arcade game. They are hardcore fans of a game most of us have fonder memories of than actual history with.

Some are so serious that achieving the best high score possible remains their primary goal. And that goal may just have been achieved by one gamer, with Wes Copeland achieving what some are calling the ‘perfect’ result.

Last week, he streamed a run through of the game that hit a score 1,218,000, playing the game for a continuous 3hrs 17mins 18secs, which you can watch here if it’s your thing.

The only way to beat this score is to dedicate absolutely crazy hours to the game, and also rely on a fair chunk of luck, according to Copeland.

“I’ve stopped playing because I think if I sat down and played every day for the next five years, I still don’t think I’d be able to beat this score,” Copeland told IGN after he achieved the high score.

Calling it the “equivalent of playing poker and being dealt 10 royal flushes in a row”, Copleand regains his title as the best Donkey Kong player in the world, a title that has passed between him and Robbie Lakeman consistently since last September.

Of course, arcade gaming is all about great rivalries, with Donkey Kong playing a key role in the Sega and Nintendo race to the top. You can read all about that here.

Main Donkey Kong image via Tinxi/Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic