Dublin developer’s social media ploy to get billionaire’s attention (video)

13 Mar 2012

Dublin web developer Allan Dixon

A Dublin-based web developer has published a YouTube video of himself entering a blow-up doll dressed in swimwear into a competition for the Internet’s Next Top Model as part of a social media strategy aimed at winning a job from digital media billionaire Alki David.

Allan Dixon, a web developer and skateboarding fanatic who works with NewsWhip.com, is an avid admirer of David, a digital media entrepreneur who owns FilmOn.com, 9021go.com and Battlecam.com.

David’s company FilmOn.com is embroiled in a legal dispute with CBS and Viacom over the unlicensed use of broadcasting signals.

David is also known for acting in films and TV shows like The Bank Job and is known for staging elaborate stunts, such as launching a TV competition for the first person to legitimately streak in front of US President Barack Obama.

Dixon had the brainwave of entering a blow-up doll dressed in swimwear and a sash via FedEx into David’s wife Jennifer’s competition for Internet’s Next Top Model on Havefaith.com and using social media to land his dream job.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years