Emoji madness: a winky face tells a thousand words

17 Jun 2014

Emojis image via Wikimedia Commons.

With the news that Unicode is to launch more than 250 new emojis representing everything from giving the middle finger to a levitating business man, we look at times when emojis make a conversation 10 times better.

Unicode, the organisation that creates and even regulates what emojis appear on smartphones has made one of the biggest changes to its catalogue in a number of years with the release of Unicode 7.0.0 and said in their announcement that it is now up to Apple and Google to implement the new additions into their respective iOS and Android operating systems.

The not-so humble emoji has, since the widespread use of smartphones with the first iPhone, been used by millions of people who in some cases uses them to supplant words in text messages, often with brilliant or hilarious results.

There’s have even been examples where emojis have been turned into pieces of digital art or pictures with seemingly as much detail than wold possibly seem necessary.


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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic