Epson reveals new range of full high-definition 3D projectors

2 Sep 2011

Buoyed by forecasts that 27pc of households will be 3D capable by 2015 and over 40 3D video game titles are expected to be released, Epson says it felt confident to introduce full high-definition 3D projectors at this week’s IFA in Berlin.

Epson’s new range – which amount to five projectors – double the refresh rate from 240Hz to 480Hz, the blackout period between left and right eye images is dramatically reduced. This allows users to see a brighter 3D image that is more comfortable to watch.

Out of the five projectors, EH-TW9000 and EH-TW9000W are top-of-the-range models that offer the ultimate three dimensional experience, with equally high White and Colour Light Output of up to 2,400 lumens and high contrast ratios of up to 200,000:1, complete with high-end technical features.

The EH-TW5900, EH-TW6000 and EH-TW6000W are among the most affordable 3D 1080p home cinema projectors on the market and feature equally high White and Colour Light Outputs of up to 2,200 lumens and contrast ratios of up to 40,000:13. 

High quality images are projected and images are clear, bright and easy on the eyes thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology. Additionally, EH-TW9000W and EH-TW6000W are the first Wireless enabled Full HD 3D projectors in the market that allow users to set-up their projector without unsightly cables lying around the home.

“We have previously stated that Epson would hold back on developing 3D home cinema projectors until we were confident that there was a strong commitment from content providers for 3D material,” explained Katrina Timmis, channel manager at Epson Ireland.

“With the projection that 27pc of households will be 3D capable by 2015 and over 40 3D video game titles expected to be released this year, now is the time for Epson to release its 3D projectors and give viewers the ability to watch 3D content on the big screen.

“Our new projectors support a wide range of current 3D sources, ensuring there is a large catalogue of films and programmes available for viewers to watch, while remaining the best for home cinema projectors with superior image clarity and accurate colour reproduction,” Timmis said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years