#euro2012 – Aertv scores record-breaking viewing figures while Roy Keane trends on Twitter

15 Jun 2012

Pictured: Frank McCarthy and pals watch Ireland v Spain in Ireland's Loudest Living Room

Over 10,000 people tuned in to watch last night’s Ireland v Spain match-up online but it all kicked off on social media forums following Roy Keane’s controversial post-game comments.

Last night, Aertv marked its highest viewing figures since its launch in 2011 when over 10,000 people tuned in via the online TV service to see Ireland take on Spain in the Euro 2012 tournament.

Almost 1 in 3 users viewed the match on a mobile device – matching Aertv’s predicted 30pc – and Apple’s iOS was the leading platform.

Viewing figures remained steady until the final whistle as fans hung on until the end of Ireland’s crushing defeat from the Spaniards. “The whole nation wanted to watch the match and get behind the team – we know of one viewer who visited Aertv.ie and watched it live from a car park on his smartphone,” said Aertv director Philippe Brodeur, referring to the tweet below from Ben Lindsay, AKA @driveben.

Tweet from @driveben

“Most people would have had the big screen experience, but Aertv is an invaluable platform to those who can’t get in front of a television,” he added.

From Ireland’s loudest living room to the world’s loudest fans

As well as showing Ireland v Spain live, Aertv also live streamed and hosted a Euro 2012 party for Frank McCarthy from Dublin 8, winner of Aertv’s Loudest Living Room competition. “We thought it would be great fun to showcase some passionate Irish fans to the world by going live to a fan’s living room during the game,” said Brodeur. “It made for some entertaining viewing.”

Meanwhile, Irish fans were raising the volume in Gdansk, belting out ‘The Fields of Athenry’ as the final minutes of the game ticked away. Videos of the fans and messages commending their unflinching support for their team are circulating online today, as are comments regarding one former Irish player’s post-match analysis.

Roy Keane, who has been providing his punditry services to ITV1 throughout the tournament, wasn’t happy with his former team’s performance last night, and the Corkman wasn’t too shy about expressing himself either.

Much has been blogged, tweeted and reported on Keane’s comments, some in favour, some staunchly against. And, some, as always, making a joke out of it.

Tweet from Bernard O'Shea


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