#euro2012 – The Rocky Road to Poznan on Twitter (photos)

8 Jun 2012

It’s all kicking off as the Euro 2012 tournament gets underway in Warsaw, and Twitter users can expect to see #euro2012 take over their feeds.

But the hashtag of choice for Irish fans making their way to Poznan for the first match for the Republic of Ireland team will by #COYBIG – come on you boys in green!

International tournaments are always a hot topic on social networks, and the unique perspective of fans across the world provides another level to the Euro 2012 experience. Irish fans are no exception, with many sharing their journey to Poland and Ukraine as groups decked in green, white and orange set off from Dublin Airport.

One fan, however, was saved by a tweet when he left something very important behind. Tickets to Ireland’s matches against Italy, Spain and Croatia were discovered in the airport and the call went out across Twitter looking for Oliver Coughlan – almost the unluckiest man in Ireland – to claim them.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending as a friend of Coughlan’s, who is also heading to the tournament, is bringing them with him tonight.

As fans start pouring in to Poznan, the Irish camp is surely buzzing with excitement – and perhaps a few nerves as well. They seem to be keeping spirits up however, as the FAI‏ Twitter account keeps us up to date with the shenanigans of the boys in green.

As the first match kicked off, the jokes already started rolling in, and football banter is going to be everywhere while Euro 2012 rages on. But whether a football fan or not, a video of Thai schoolchildren singing ‘The Rocky Road in Poznan’ in support of the lads is sure to warm your heart regardless. All together: Awwwww!

match tickets

“Oh dear. Calling Oliver Coughlan: you’ve left your 3 #euro2012 match tickets behind in Dublin Airport,” tweeted Stephen Murphy‏.


Twitterer @9fingersvin has his caravan decorated and ready for the ferry.


The classic Irish sense of humour at work, discovered via Andy McGeady.

An Chonair, Dingle

Fans at home are just as excited, as An Chonair in Dingle’s new look shows! (via @dinglenews)


The FAI‏ is certain Trap will be happy with the little details at the players’ breakfast buffet.

Chef Hunt

But Richard Dunne and Robbie Keane might not be happy with what Chef Stephen Hunt is serving up! (via FAIreland)


Twitter user ‏@nathasyacindy is sporting a very diplomatic look for the tournament.

Euro 2012 footballs

Thomson Reuters posted this interesting evolutionary chart of the match ball.


As the tournament kicked off, so did the jokes.


And as the hosts scored the first goal of Euro 2012, the odds presented an interesting financial twist.


This video posted by Thai Tims shows just how far and wide Ireland’s fans have spread.

Euro 2012 image via Shutterstock

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