Europe’s Nintendo Mii population hits 73.2m

8 Dec 2011

There are now 73.2m Nintendo Mii characters on the Nintendo Wii across Europe, which is more than the respective populations of France, the UK and Italy.

Nintendo Europe undertook research of the number of Mii characters in existence across Europe and the world on the Wii.

A Mii is a customisable character for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS which players can create. Players can make as many as they like, edit how they look and play as them in certain games.

The global Mii population now stands at 213.8m, meaning that if they were to form a country, it would have the fifth-largest population in the world.

In Europe, the Mii population stands at 73.2m and if they also formed a country, it would be the second largest in Europe after Germany.

Gender representation across Mii characters is quite even, with male Mii characters taking a slight lead at 51pc across Europe.