Exploding Kittens: The Kickstarter phenomenon that has broken all records

28 Jan 2015

The Exploding Kittens card game aiming to raise US$10,000 in a month has only gone and become Kickstarter’s most-backed campaign ever, thousands of times over.

Just over a week ago, the illustrated card game designed by Matthew Inman, the creator of the online cartoon series, The Oatmeal, far exceeded the expectations of Inman and his team by surpassing its target in a matter of minutes and after just one day, made almost US$2m, giving an indication that records were about to be broken.

And indeed they have as a week later, the team took to their Kickstarter page to thank over 100,000 individuals who had put in their money to get their hands on the cards which feature a series of kittens – unsurprisingly exploding – as well as some other, frankly, hilarious creations in a game the creators describe as like a ‘kitty-powered Russian roulette’.

“[The landmark backing] has everything to do with you,” said the team in their post. “You wonderful people have come together to form the largest community in Kickstarter history, and the numbers keep rising. Tomorrow we’ll talk about some important updates, but today is just about you. This is your accomplishment, this is your title, this is your day. Thank you backers, you are the mostestest.”

However, despite being 42,453pc (yes, that’s not a typo) and earning the team over US$4m, it still has some way to go before it can claim the title of the most-funded project on Kickstarter with the Coolest Cooler holding the top spot earning a total of US$13,285,226 last year.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic