Facebook introduces ‘For Sale’ feature to improve the way users buy and sell

11 Feb 2015

Facebook users have bought and sold from each other via the social network’s group pages for years, but the experience is about to become more formalised with the introduction of special ‘For Sale’ groups.

Using the new feature, members can create posts within a ‘For Sale’ group that include the item’s description, price and pick-up or delivery location. Sellers can also mark posts as ‘Available’ or ‘Sold’.

Although the new feature should make viewing sales listings easier, still missing is the crucial ‘Buy’ button to bring the experience more in line with eBay and less like Craigslist.

Last September, reports emerged that Facebook users would soon be able to shop directly through the website with the introduction of a ‘Buy’ button powered by Limerick brothers Patrick and John Collison’s e-payments company Stripe. The new button, said to be in its test phase, would allow consumers to purchase goods featured in ads or posts.

No official announcements have been made about the potential team-up or introduction of a ‘Buy’ button. Upon the announcement of ‘For Sale’, Facebook said it will “continue to introduce new features in the coming months to help people in the For Sale Group community easily connect, browse and search”. 

The new features will be introduced to all Facebook For Sale groups in the coming months across iOS, Android and web. Group admins who would like to participate now can nominate their Group via the site.

A Facebook ‘For Sale’ group on mobile

Buy and sell image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic