Fallout 4 trailer drops prior to E3 with glimpse of new wasteland

3 Jun 2015

After releasing a teaser webpage with a countdown, Bethesda Softworks just dropped a bomb on gamers with the news that Fallout 4, the incredibly successful post-apocalyptic survival and RPG, is incoming.

While being the third in the series, Fallout 3, released in 2008, was the first released by Bethesda under its acclaimed tutelage and quickly received critical praise from critics and gamers alike for creating a detailed universe where the player navigates an alternate world where the Cold War almost never ended and the US’ fight against Communism raged into the late 21st century.

After a nuclear war wipes out most of the planet, you play the role of the Lone Wanderer, who escapes one of the vaults created to house the remnants of humanity.

Now, seven years later, the world was given its first glimpse of its sequel, Fallout 4, showing a similar world but with a whole new world, characters and much-improved graphics.

Set to the familiar soundtrack of 1930s and 1940s Americana, The Ink Spots’ It’s All Over But the Crying plays as it shows the world set in a futuristic, yet 1950s, setting, coming to the realisation of impending doom from nuclear war.

Further details of the game are due to be announced at E3 next week, so fans will no doubt be watching the trailer on repeat until then.

Or, they might just tweet about it.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic