Father Ted’s Father Jack gets his own app

12 Apr 2011

Following the click of an iPhone camera, the Father Jack Me app can turn human subjects’ faces into their equivalent of Father Jack, the boozy and foul-mouthed priest from Father Ted.

Father Jack Me, the first official Father Ted app, enables users to snap a photo of a person’s face, or use a photo already on the device, and add bits and pieces onto the photo to Father Jack-ify the subject.

Different tufts of hair, certain skin features and props such as moles, spots or eyeglasses are all available to add onto pictures to transform the subject into a likeness of Father Jack Hackett, portrayed by actor Frank Kelly on the TV comedy.

Kelly didn’t use an app for his transformation into the character, of course. He is said to have worn contact lenses to depict Father Jack’s blank eye and reportedly said people would not speak to him when he was made up as Father Jack.

Father Jack Me, by Channel 4, is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app, which includes “infrequent/mild profanity or crude humour”, costs £0.59.

Mind your use of it on a night out with work colleagues, now.