Film, TV and Animation in a Digital World

21 Oct 2010

The first session at the Audio Visual Federation’s annual conference will focus on the digital opportunities for film, TV and animation creators.

Ireland has gained considerable distinction not only as a location for shooting movies but also creating its own homegrown successes, most recently with films like The Secret of Kells, not to mention the technical artistry involved in creating global successes like Avatar.

At the AVF’s annual conference, the first session will be dedicated to discussing the implications of the digital world for the creation and dissemination of content, especially in a world where three screens – smartphones, computers and digital televisions – are king.

In 2008, total output from the animation sector was €38.9m and had risen to €43m. Production activity in the feature film sector was €71.9m in 2008 and independent TV, including TV drama, reached €138m.

“We will have such speakers as Steve Carson, head of programming at RTE and we’re hoping Grant Ross from Endemol can talk about the success of reality TV and where the market is moving to next,” said AVF director Tommy McCabe.

“We will also look at why the animation sector in Ireland needs to grow and how products can be sold internationally. We’ll discuss commissioning and how local broadcasters can help stimulate indigenous production and help them to sell products internationally, as seen via the success of firms like Brown Bag Films and Telegael.”

“We’ll also be focusing on indigenous and international film production which has notably shifted gear in the past year.

“But then there are the challenges – overall investment in film production worldwide has fallen and there’s also the challenges of the euro versus the dollar which is impacting film location decisions,” McCabe said.

Secret of Kells

A scene from The Secret of Kells

Session 1: Film, TV and Animation in a Digital World

Session chair:

Mark Deering, Director, Sky Ireland


Steve Carson, Director of programmes, RTÉ Television

Cathal Gaffney, Managing director, Brown Bag Films


Michael O’Keeffe, Chief executive, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

David Collins, Managing director/producer, Samson Films/Accomplice Television

Larry Bass, Chief executive, Screentime ShinAwiL, Ireland and UK Ltd