Gaeilgeoirí can now use Swype predictive text service

5 Nov 2014

A phrase many primary school students would be familar with put into Swype.

In one of its first major updates for iOS, the Swype predictive text program has added 16 new languages to its repertoire, including Irish, allowing the user to chat as Gaeilge.

Despite being on Android devices for a number of years, Nuance Communication’s Swype keyboard that lets users select entire words just by moving their finger across the screen finally came to iOS users last month.

And now, in one of its first major updates for its iOS version, 16 new languages have been added including Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and, most interestingly, Irish.

Despite efforts five years ago by Vodafone to launch an Irish language predictive text service known as Téacs (meaning ‘text’ as Gaeilge’), the service has seemingly fallen to the wayside and the website created from it has since been closed down.

The app which costs €0.79 in the App Store has also seen this recent iOS update include the ability to change the keyboard to three different styles: QWERTY, QWERTZ or AZERTY.

Another addition includes predictive emojis that lets the Swype prediction system suggest potential emojis based off the conversation you are having and the mood you appear to be in.

Speaking of the need for additional languages in the program, vice president of mobile solutions at Nuance, Aaron Sheedy, said, “The response to Swype for iOS 8 has been amazing, and we’re thrilled to have quickly updated the app with 16 additional languages – the most currently available for any third-party keyboard for iOS 8.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic