Gamer mods Doom to include selfie stick and Instagram filters

16 Feb 2015

A Doom selfie. Photo via

Not even the video games of your childhood are protected from the scourge of the selfie stick.

A game modifier known as Linguica has released an add-on to classic first-person shoot-em-up Doom that allows the unnamed main character (‘Doomguy’ to us enthusiasts) to take a break from ploughing his way through wave after wave of invading demons from Hell to take a quick photo of himself.

The mod, which is called ‘InstaDoom’, also allows players to apply 37 Instagram-esque filters to the selfie stick-snapped pics.

“You can only take so many pictures of slaughtering demons!” Linguica wrote via a forum. “You want to show the world how hott you are while you do it, and now you can! Use the latest in stick technology to get more of yourself in the shot! It’s American President Approved!

“Show how artistic you are while visiting far-away places!”

Doom was developed by rock star programmers John Carmack and John Romero and released by id Software in 1993. Gamers takes the role of a space marine on Mars who must single-handedly defeat hoards of Satan’s demons.

The game became a huge inspiration on the various first-person shooters that have been released since, and it spawned a number of sequels plus a flawed 2005 movie starring The Rock.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic