GameStop opening six stores at midnight for 3DS launch

22 Mar 2011

GameStop will open six of its stores across Ireland at midnight this Thursday, 24 March, for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

The stores which will open at midnight are Henry Street in Dublin, Patrick Street in Cork, Fairgreen Shopping Centre in Carlow, Blanchardstown, Pavilions Shopping Centre in Swords and Arthur Square in Belfast.

GameStop’s Henry Street store will offer prizes and freebies to customers who turn up on the night and the store will give the first person in the queue a taxi ride home.

The first 10 customers will be given the VIP treatment and will be invited to demo the Nintendo 3DS before midnight.

The first 100 in the queue will get a free 3DS game of their choice – either Nintendogs, Street Fighter or Pilot Wings – and the store will offer free T-shirts and food.

There will also be a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS console on Thursday night.

Nintendo’s upcoming portable console will offer two screens – the top screen features 3D visuals without needing glasses and the bottom is a touchscreen display. It includes a telescoping stylus to control games with the touchscreen and a 3D depth slider to scale the 3D levels.

There will be 13 individual launch titles and, in GameStop, the console and a game will cost €279.99.