Gamocracy lets community create video game

18 Feb 2011

Developer The Bearded Ladies Consulting is asking PlayStation owners to help design every aspect of their new game.

The initiative called ‘Gamocracy’ will see a challenge posted every Friday for eight weeks given to the community of the official PlayStation forums.

The challenges will ask gamers to come up with different elements of the game. Week one includes creating the protagonist of the game, asking for a basic graphical representation of him/her/it, an outline of the setting or their quest and the hero’s special abilities.

The concept of this will be judged by the development team and on the following Friday, the top 5 to 10 submissions will be voted on The Bearded Ladies Consulting’s Facebook page, which will last until Sunday.

The winner of each challenge will see their submission in the game and the creator will be acknowledged in the credits.

According to Sony PlayStation, the focus is more on the collaborative effort as opposed to competition, so any good idea may end up in the game, with the creator being credited.

The finished game will be an action platformer released in the PS Mini category of the PlayStation Store later this year.