German firm scores FIFA goal-line technology contract, set for 2014 World Cup

3 Apr 2013

Image via irin-k/Shutterstock

FIFA has officially appointed German firm GoalControl as its goal-line technology provider for the 2013 Confederations Cup, which will take place in Brazil this June as a prelude to next year’s World Cup.

Surprisingly, GoalControl has been awarded the tender ahead of three other FIFA-licensed providers that have previously met the stringent technical requirements of the FIFA Quality Programme. FIFA has explained that the criteria for the final selection related specifically to the tournament in Brazil, and GoalControl was deemed better capable of adapting to local conditions and more compatible with FIFA match operations, while other factors, such as cost, project management and schedules also came into consideration.

The GoalControl-4D system, which uses 14 high-speed cameras located around the pitch, will be used during the Confederations Cup subject to a final installation test at each stadium where the system is to be installed. Match officials will also carry out their own tests prior to every match.

Provided the use of GoalControl-4D goes smoothly during the Confederations Cup and meets all of FIFA’s requirements, GoalControl will also be the official goal-line technology provider for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, also taking place in Brazil.

This will be the second time goal-line technology has been implemented for a FIFA tournament following the Club World Cup last December and will be used to verify contentious decisions in these high-profile games.

Football goal image via Shutterstock

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