Gigglebit: Don’t drink and listen to Bon Jovi

12 Mar 2015

The infamous tattoo. Photo via Reddit

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Life has just gotten that bit tougher for one Bon Jovi fan. Not only will he have to live out the rest of his life with a terrible taste in music, but as the bearer of what’s been dubbed the ‘worst tattoo ever’.

An image of the crudely penned tattoo was uploaded to Reddit earlier this week by a user who claimed it has been inked on her boyfriend. It reads: “It’s is my life – Jon Bovi”.

The typo-filled tattoo (which has now gone viral) presumably refers to the American rock band’s 2000 single ‘It’s My Life’.

‘Jon Bovi’, however, could reference the Bon Jovi opposite band featured on long-running US sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live in a series of skits starring Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis. But let’s not give the hapless fan the benefit of the doubt. The internet certainly hasn’t.

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic