Gigglebit: Fellowship of the Console

6 Nov 2014

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Playstation and Xbox don’t get along. Everybody knows that. Like Nintendo and Sega before them, the pair just can’t settle their differences. But much like Thor and Loki, Magneto and Professor X, even Rocky and Apollo Creed, sometimes enemies must unite for the greater good.

Below is a meme that illustrates just what could draw these two rivals finally together – an even greater foe. But with the console wars showing no signs of letting up, maybe such a reconciliation is only possible in Middle Earth.

But hey, it took Gimli and Legolas three lengthy Lord of the Rings movies to learn the true value of friendship. Maybe Playstation and Xbox will put down their axe and bow some day.

Bow and arrow image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic